Week 11 Process Post

Up to now, my online social media presence is focused on my favorite platform -Instagram, I use it for promoting my website and attracting more audiences, and I believed that the visual social media platform like Instagram can help to build the connection between bloggers and readers effectively. The reading “POKEMON AS TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING” from this week really sparked me a lot, the author mentioned that transmedia storytelling is the ideal aesthetic form for an era of collective intelligence. As social media have become more prevalent and easy to use, fans and audiences can drill deeper into the ever-expanding world of their followed blogger, transmedia makes a unique contribution to the narrative system as a whole, which helps readers to piece together a comparatively fuller picture of the blogger’s life. Thus I am considering incorporating more transmedia integration into my online publication, maybe a mixture of other social media platforms or channels such as youtube if I will create my Vlog in the future.

The main reason why I choose to incorporate Instagram specifically into my website and online presence is that Instagram is my most familiar social media and I have been using it for a long time. I like to post my traveling photos and share them habitually on Instagram, it is a good way to record my traveling footstep, which not only helps me to enrich my self-online publishing but also promotes my website effectively. In my view, Instagram is a great online channel to market to my audience, according to my google analytics I knew that many readers of my blog come from my Instagram.

Moreover, I put my Instagram page on the widget of my website, this widget is displayed my Instagram feed on the homepage of my blog, which shows many beautiful traveling photos directly for my audiences, if they are interested in any picture, they can click the “Follow” button and easily check the story of the photo or follow my account to know me well.

Overall speaking, be a transmedia creator is an interesting experience for any blogger, but is not easy to balance each channel. Personally, I will keep up with my Instagram account and continue my traveling photography posting for my blog, and make progress on content creating or blog promotion for my audiences, maybe in the future, I will happy to buildup Youtube channel and create my own traveling Vlog.


Kevinbrittenylauren. (2013). “Pokemon as transmedia storytelling: https://kevinbrittenylauren.wordpress.com/2013/11/21/pokemon-as-transmedia-storytelling/

Sunset in London

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