Week 12 Process Post

This week, we discussed some issues about nowadays’ online commentary and online shaming, we know that these problems can be easily found on social media platforms. Many people do not take seriously about their behavior on the internet, thus the conversations are not friendly but aggressive sometimes, as we usually said that the medium may be changed, but people do not. In class, we talked about a Twitter post from Justine Sacco, she posted that “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”, maybe It was just a joke, but this post evoked public’s anger and everything changed after she turned off the flight, her life was totally destroyed by Twitter in just several seconds, she lost almost everything. This event is such a tragedy, while it also reminds us to rethink online shaming. Sometimes Internet users do not care about the truth, they prefer to follow public voice blindly. I believed that the real name system rather than anonymous can heal this issue effectively in some cases, people will be concerned about their online behavior, not say things without thinking, but sometimes the real name may create limitations for voice out, generally it really depends on the event itself.

For me, I am happy to give my opinion on my favorite topic online and notice avoiding shamed people, I rarely comment on gossip because I do not care about the sensitive topics. I set public comments for both my social media or blog website, which open for every person online, honestly, I’m not worried or afraid of online shaming, if anyone judges me hurtfully, I will delete it and keep the community peaceful. This week’s lecture-discussion really inspired me a lot, thus I decided to set up some community guidelines for my blog to prevent horrible shaming happening. My blog is about sharing my traveling stories, I hope everyone feels glad to read it and communicate with each other friendly, I am so excited to see funny and interesting comments.

My community guidelines are:

  • Strongly encourage comments about traveling-Be free and kind to comment anything about travel and share your feeling or unique experiences, but no advertisements.
  • Be respectful to everyone– Visitors need to respect author and each other, be aware to use appropriate language and create a harmonious environment together. No shaming, attacks, discrimination, and offensive comments.
  • Thinking before you comment-Thinking twice before making a comment, try to comment in a witty way.
  • Feedback or advice are encouraged
  • If anyone doesn’t comply, the comments will be removed

Overall speaking, social media is more powerful than we think and impact our life deeply, everyone should control their actions towards and reject online shaming appearing, I hope to see all my audience follow my guidelines and participate in the communication positively and optimistically, let’s start our happy trip!

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